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Rogue River, OR

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Autumn ushered in many wonderful events for me as a child. School was in full swing, the county fair had just come and gone leaving in its wake cooler weather. Deer season and football season were running full force and so the boys and men (and myself) were happy. Fall chores were tedious, as we lived in the country... hardwood country and had a full month of leaves continuosly beaconing our hands to the rake, but they also included target shooting and cutting wood. In a child's mind that equals fun. We were together... a team in a season made for teams.

 Running out with my dad and mom, little brother and sister during NFL half-times to cut and load wood was enjoyable to me. The air was brisk, the leaves falling, the squirrels scrabbling about trying to get their grocery shopping done before the frost set in. The leaves blazing with color above my head and beneath my feet, the squirrels that flew above my reach from tree to tree with such ease, my family working together side-by-side.

We scouted and worked on trees-stands for way more hours that we would ever be in them. And while the deer trails didn't change much in the backwoods in a years time,  we took full advantage of the potential change to walk about the woods looking for sign. Bundled up to face the chill of the day we would silently pace the hillside attempting to be as quiet as Daniel Boone only to reach the hills ridge and decide to fling ourselves down! Rolling end over end we spun wildly and rather loudly down eventually laying at the bottom,  laughing and waiting forthe world to quit spinning. So much for not scary off any deer, huh?

They were simple times. Innocent. Beautiful. Serene. Do they still exist? Did growing up snatch them from me or have I just become to busy? I remember mom saying when I was young that 'Time flies.' I echo her now and will quickly add that so does this world.

We use to walk places but now even if it's possible we drive.

We use to physically visit with family, neighbors and friends and now it seems most of us are comfortable with an occassional phone call, text or e-mail... facebook with no face time.

We use to finish up our work and chores and go out to gather our thoughts and see God's display upon the landscape around us or if any energy still existed to run and jump into that pile of leaves we had just raked up. Now we come in and plop down...  turn on a television, play-station or computer and we don't exhale at all... we just go numb in our own little bubble.

This month I am challenging myself to remember and return. I wonder how long it would have taken my heart to find and embrace God's if I had grew up in the same place but in this era? I wonder how much life I am losing with all the other 'stuff' in between me and the people and God I love?

I can hear God whispering through the busyness that is my day, 'Remember and return.' His counsel is wise. Am I wise enough to move on it is the question.

I pray as the days of autumn move in on that cool breeze and the earth momentarily seems to downshift that I, and maybe yourself, would find ourselves looking up and looking back. Remembering... Returning.

I know what you do, how you work hard and never give up... You have patience and have suffered troubles for my name and have not given up. But I have this against you: You have left the love you had in the beginning.   So remember... Change your hearts and do what you did at first..."                         Revelation 2:2-5 (NCV)


Should your journey lead you to Rogue River,

whether you are just passing through or you call this area home,  

we invite you to join us here at a place we call... Grace. 


Worship Times: 

Sunday Morning @ 8:30 and 11

Sunday School/Bible Study @ 10

Sunday Night @ 6 p.m.      Adult Disciples Class & Youth  


Tuesday Night @ 6 p.m.    Men's  Small group Bible Study

6 p.m. Men's  Fellowship @ Ross Chapmans.


10 a.m.       Discerning the Will of God by Priscilla Shirer

This class is hosted by Beverly McKinney at 104 Ash, Rogue River

NOON  Jonah by Priscilla Shirer.  Hosted by Sherry Brewer


Wed Night 6 p.m.   Adult Bible Study

Children's Ministry (K-6th grade)





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